Eunice Minford WriterEunice is an active writer. She blogs on many subjects on health and wellbeing, religion and current affairs – often bringing a different dimension or understanding to the table. Her writing and talks have been called ‘thought provoking’ and often challenge the current paradigms and ways of understanding subjects. She loves to write and share what she has learned about life.

She blogs at The Soulful Doctor.

She is a regular contributor to KevinMD – the leading website for blogs by doctors on healthcare matters.

Eunice also writes articles for the Medicine and Serge Benhayon website and has made contributions to other sites.

Eunice has written two books so far and a third underway – but has not published them yet. She has written her life story, which exposes in detail and with radical honesty the not so glorious details of her life as well as how she transformed her life and healed.

She has also compiled a book of Expressions – simple verses that share her story in a different format.

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