Self-care Services

eunice minford speaker, presenter, surgeon

Eunice offers a variety of self-care services to meet the needs of individuals, groups or organisations and in particular the needs of healthcare professionals as she has a deep understanding of the culture of healthcare and the specific issues applicable to healthcare professionals.


One to one sessions for one hour are available to focus on your needs. A personalised self-care programme can be implemented to support you with your choices. In addition to talking, body work and meditation instruction are available. Skype sessions are available and Eunice can address many different aspects of self-care.


Half-day or whole day workshops can be used or weekly programmes depending on the needs of the group.


Half-day or whole-day workshops can be held for groups or organisations to cover a number of areas of self-care, along with specific weekly or monthly programmes.


Eunice can work with organisations to implement programmes that enhance the ability of staff to self-care and be more responsible for their health and wellbeing, leading to improved productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved job satisfaction.

  • Healthcare Organisations – work with organisations that need to bring self-care to their organisation and who recognise at a strategic level that caring for staff is an investment well worth making.
  • Healthcare Professionals – work with Doctors, Nurses, medical students and any healthcare professionals with full recognition of the specific issues concerning this group of professionals

Advocacy work

Eunice knows from personal experience the benefits of a self-caring way of life and she collaborates with others to help bring about change in medical education and within the culture of medicine. She has been involved in lobbying the GMC to implement self-care training for medical students. Along with a colleague she undertook a survey of UK medical schools to assess their attitudes to self-care training and a manuscript has been published.

Medical educators need to be aware of the importance of self-care training for the health and wellbeing of medical students in order to prevent burnout and other ills but also to be able to inspire patients to live in a way that is more self-caring. Given that lifestyle is a major cause of illness and disease there are multiple reasons for ensuring students and doctors know how to live in a way to prevent them and which they can pass on to their patients.

Self-care Principles