Consultant Surgeon

Eunice Minford Consultant SurgeonEunice currently works in the NHS as a Consultant General Surgeon in N.Ireland. She works in a busy district general hospital providing elective and emergency general surgery. Eunice is an advocate of western-based medicine whilst also recognising its limitations.

She has a strong interest in medical education and is passionate about the wellbeing of students and doctors. In order to provide a better quality of care for patients, Eunice knows that students and doctors must also be living in a way that is truly caring for themselves.

Eunice runs a self-care module for medical students that aims to raise their awareness of the importance of self-care for their own health and wellbeing and also so that they may be able to inspire their future patients also. The importance of listening to and being guided by their own bodies is emphasized. True self-care is needed to counter and prevent the current high rates of burnout and other ills in the medical profession.

Eunice is an active member of a multidisciplinary group that is working to raise awareness regarding the importance of self-care for healthcare professionals and also the need to have caring and supportive environments and workplaces.

The culture of medicine is toxic and can result in burnout, addiction, suicide and other mal-adaptive coping strategies. Eunice is willing to share her experience and healing of some of these issues and to expose the underlying root causes. Having transformed herself and her lifestyle she knows what works and what doesn’t and she loves to share what she has learned with others who are interested.

If you would like to invite Eunice to present on these issues or to discuss possible presentations please contact her via the contact form here.

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