Why Self-care? Eunice’s Story

Eunice has worked for over 25 years in surgery and previously lived a ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle. In addition to succeeding in her chosen field of surgery she was accomplished in many of the over-habits of life – over-eating, over-drinking, over-working to name a few. Expressing her fury and frustration was commonplace in the stressful environment of the NHS and the operating theatre and Eunice gave little consideration to how the way she was impacted on others. Her attitude then was ‘like it or lump it’.

However, those days are gone. Through her own life’s journey Eunice has a come to a much deeper appreciation of who she is and the importance not just of what she does but the quality she does it with. Through applying the principles of self-care Eunice has transformed her own health and vitality as evidenced in the photos below. The bad habits have gone, (yes it is possible to change!) along with the excessive fury and frustration to be replaced by a much more centred, calmer, patient, appreciative and joyful Eunice.

Before Self-care

Eunice Minford Before Self-care

After Self-care

Eunice Minford After Self-care

Eunice knows that self-care sits at the heart of care for all, so by caring for herself this also impacts the quality of care she can bring to her patients, enhancing her capacity to hold, listen and be compassionate with her patients. She knows the quality of her presence is influenced by the choices she makes every day, and that this too affects the quality of the work she does.

Eunice shares from her lived experience, tried and tested methods, and knows what works and what doesn’t. She speaks with honesty from the heart about the way it is, the common struggles we can have and is all too aware of the barriers that prevent people from self-caring. Let’s face it, we all know what is healthy – but why do we not live it? Eunice has found the answers that worked for her and can assist you to do likewise. She has transformed her own life and she knows that if she can do it, anyone can.

Eunice is available to work with individuals, groups, healthcare professionals and organisations.

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