Self-care Consultant

Self Care Consultant Eunice Minford
Self-care is the key to living with joy, vitality and harmony. It enhances the quality with which we work, bringing added meaning and purpose. When we look after ourselves, it is automatic to extend that same care to others. All too often we put others needs before our own or do not truly know how to care for ourselves so we can end up feeling exhausted, burnt out, depressed, given-up, de-motivated, fed up, resentful and that we are on a constant merry-go-round of jobs and duties but with little joy in what we do. We can end up using alcohol, food, TV, computer or hobbies to distract us from these feelings – the feeling that something is missing, that we no longer love what we do or that life is passing us by.

By applying the simple tools and techniques of self-care you can transform your relationship with yourself, your family, your job and your organisation. You can be more aware of your body and the importance of listening to it and understand your inner drives and motivations. You realise your daily choices affect how you feel and impact the quality with which you work and live. You know that YOU MATTER and that you make a difference.

Self-care Services are available for individuals, groups and organisations through one-to-one sessions, tailor-made programmes and workshops.

Eunice runs a successful self-care module for medical students and you can find out more about Eunice’s self-care services here.

Self-care Services