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MA Thesis: The Soulful Foundations of Healing
Briefly, this thesis identifies a universal healing route based on the fundamental ontological nature of the human person. It is based on interviews conducted with esoteric healers who understand the human person, illness, disease, healing and spiritual wisdom at the energetic level.  This healing route is consistent with the teachings of the Christ, as Eunice understands them, and is applicable to people of all faiths and none.  Current scientific developments in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics lend support to these understandings.

Eunice is available to  lecture/teach/talk on the above subject.


Eunice is available to lecture/teach on a variety of topics relating to health and spirituality, for example: the soulful foundations of healing, the energetic basis of illness and disease, healing addiction, esoteric healing, meditation and spiritual history-taking. Additional topics are available – please enquire within.
Eunice has devised a simple mnemonic based on the word FAITH to facilitate spiritual history-taking by medical students, doctors and other allied healthcare professionals. She has introduced this to a selection of medical students undertaking an SSC on surgery and spirituality and she is available to offer teaching on this subject.


Publication 3

Publication 4

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1) When The Mirror Talks Back: A Surgeon Shares her Personal Journey of  Transformation, Poetic Expressions and Soulful Understandings.

EJ Minford

Humanities at the Cutting Edge: Conversations Between Surgery, Pathology, The Humanities and The Arts

 AMH  2010  5-7th July Truro, Cornwall.


2) The Soulful Foundations of Healing

EJ Minford

British Association for the Study of Spirituality.

Windsor, London. 4-6th May 2010 

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Minford EJ

ECRSH, Bern, May 13-15, 2010 

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